Transformation of Jacobi Quartic
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Brad Klee
2017-10-18 03:15:14 UTC
Hi Curves Fans,

Elsewhere I have not seen a bi-rational shear transformation, which obtains
the Jacobi Quartic from a plane cubic. Here's another video:

...showing a continuous transformation which takes one line + one parabola
into two parabolas. As a consequence, another addition rule exists aside
from the one presented in "Jacobi Quartic Curves Revisited".

Also, I see that Michael Naehrig keeps a list of songs (
https://cryptosith.org/music/index.shtml ) incidentally related to
cryptography. I can't say that I understand any of the entries on this
list, but would like to contribute another anyways:

"A Lotus on Irish Streams" -- Mahavishnu Orchestra, Inner Mounting Flame,

To be clear, this is a joke about Hamiltonian Flows.



PS. Errata: previous message (
https://moderncrypto.org/mail-archive/curves/2017/000950.html ) should say
Edwards' curve.